Zhejiang Province is located in the southeast coastal regionwith a population of 46 million people and an area of 101,800 square kilometers, among which, mountain area accounts for 70.4%, plain 23.3% and waterarea6.3%.Italsohas6,486kilometerlongcoastline and over 3000 islands.Zhejiang enjoys an advanced transport system of road, waterway, railway and civil aviation, mainly depending on road.

(1)To implement the development strategies, policies and regulations relating to the national highway and waterway transportation system; formulate the development strategies and sector policies relating to the provincial highway and waterway transportation; draft local rules and regulations relating to transportation administration, and supervise their implementation.

(2)To organize efforts to map out the development plan for the provincial highway and waterway transportation sector, set forth the long- and medium-term plans and annual plans for investment in fixed assets and scientific/technological education in connection with transportation, and supervise their implementation; be responsible for statistics and information work in the transportation.



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